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We have integrated mentorship into our programs. Capacity building and building new leaders is essential to continue the movement of formerly incarcerated, directly affected community activist.


Our Peer Leaders learn to support new members. We have each one teach one model. Peer Leaders are chosen to speak at Universities, panels, action events, give legislative testimony and community outreach to educate the public about the criminalization of housing and the impact it has on our community. Educating the public on how homelessness has become a public health crisis that has impacted communities of color who are overrepresented in the criminal justice system.


We are the experts... Sharing Lived Experiences 

Do you need one of our diretly affected mentors to share a lived experience

  • Speak at Universities

  • Social justice Panels

  • Expert testimony for events

  • Civic engagement

  • Panel speakers


  • We train organizations to become a Hands On Defense Network member

  • We build capacity through Peer Mentorship

  • We educate our community to ensure every justice-involved individual experiencing homeless is housed

  • We educate community allies 


We spread awareness throughout communities by telling our stories, community outreach, building and advocating for change. Once you leave prison most people want to forget the traumatic experiences they have endured, from years of incarceration.  

Although it is hard to do, we encourage telling your story, speak your truth! Those who lived through the worst time of their lives, normally do not like to speak about the most traumatic time of their lives.  For if not for our sacrifice and bravery, the systems of power will continue to perpetuate harm, continue to inflict mental and physical abuse on those who are housed in their jails.  Remaining silent is no longer an option!  We Are Bringing Awareness to your Community.


We educate our constituents. to become leaders, "Peer Mentors" 

  • Direct action

  • Coalition building

  • Root cause analysis

  • Campaign management

  • Leadership development

  • Community & ally outreach

  • Mobilizing constituents & allies

  • Constituent empowerment & decision-making

Now, Peer Mentors educate new constituents... to become leaders

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past workshops

Directly affected women from the Magrath House, Father Bills and Victory programs are "Healing oneself and Defending oneself, Against Systems of Power"

Also, workshops include healing from systematic oppression, past trauma and the challenges from incarceration, domestic violence and HOUSELESS.

our workshops & trainings

Hands On Defense
How To Avoid A Justice Involved Eviction

Housing Security & Domestic Violence
Defending Oneself Against Systems of Power