our legislation

An Act relative to homes for all

This bills disallows any owner, lessee, sublessee, licensed real estate broker, assignee or managing agent of publicly assisted or multiple dwelling may perform a criminal background check on a person applying for a lessee.   FACT SHEET

Senator Chang-Diaz
Rep. Liz Miranda

An Act securing housing options for eligible tenants with a history of criminal justice involvement

This bill would broaden low-income housing opportunities for those with a criminal record through reserved vouchers and housing as well as tax credits for developers

Rep. Niki Eluguardo


An Act regarding decarceration and COVID-19


This bill appropriately balances public safety needs against the imminent public health threat of COVID-19 and takes important and necessary steps to release people from incarceration so that the virus does not spread quickly in our jails and prisons, and in turn, to staff, families and our health care system

Rep. Sabadosa

An act to provide criminal justice protections to all prisoners in segregated confinement 


The solitary confinement provisions of the CJRA were meant to reduce harm and save lives. An act to provide criminal justice protections to all prisoners in segregated confinement will help the Commonwealth keep the promises it made in the CJRA, we urge you to support this bill.

Senator Eldridge &
Rep. Liz Miranda

 Act relative to incarcerated persons telephone calls


 This bill would eliminate the cost of phone and video calls for incarcerated people and their loved ones. Led by incarcerated women, formerly incarcerated women, and women with incarcerated loved ones, has led the push to keep families connected in Massachusetts.

Senator Creem &
Rep. Chyna Tyler

An Act Establishing a Jail and Prison CONSTRUCTION Moratorium

  • The bill will prevent jail and prison construction for 5 years to give directly affected communities the opportunity to lead on implementing and sustaining alternatives that address the root causes of incarceration

  • A moratorium on jail and prison construction allows the Commonwealth to reflect on spending priorities, and shift resources where they are most needed

  • This bill will also prevent the expansion or conversion of current facilities to incarcerate even more people while the population of incarcerated people has been steadily declining.  

  • The bill will stop the state from building a new women's prison by 2024 with the intention of incarcerating our daughters and granddaughters and give us an opportunity to decarcerate Framingham state prison.  

  • The bill will not stop the state from routine maintenance nor making needed essential repairs to jails and prisons but it will pause excessive spending on renovations when decarceration should be considered first. 

Senator Comerford

Every election, 7 to 9,000 eligible voters face unconstitutional disenfranchisement when they are detained pre-trial or incarcerated for misdemeanors. What’s known as jail-based disenfranchisement disproportionately strips political power from hyper policed Black and POC communities. We need to pass bills S. 474 and H. 836 to end this cycle of disenfranchisement.