we are

Formerly incarcerated, community allies and advocates with aligned spirit and goals.  We operate from a people led process to organize and advocate for the abolishment of discriminatory federal, state and local housing policies as well as the incarceration of women.  We  address the root causes of recidivism in correlation  to homelessness, by delivering holistic and community-based solutions.

we will

End housing discrimination, end incarceration of women and girls and reduce the recidivism rate in Massachusetts, by providing affordable and permanent housing solutions for justice involved and formerly incarcerated individuals.

we vision

A world where justice-involved individuals have homes, equity and access to resources, funded and supported by the community and stakeholders. Additionally, the end of incarceration of Women and girls.

Eviction support services:
  • Domestic Violence 

  • Drug Charges

  • Arrest

  • Eviction Appeals

  • Housing Court Support

  • Housing Authority Hearings

  • Appealing termination letters

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